Boarding a plane, don’t forget your manners at home. On an airplane surrounded by amenities and people you’re not familiar with, airplane etiquette is needed more than ever. To make your flight go from uncomfortable to smooth-sailing, follow these 5 simple airplane etiquette rules to make your trip a happy and even a polite one.

1. Cabin Interiors

It’s well-known that cabins have minimum space for passengers to move around in. Pictures online show seats that seem impossible to endure for a long flight, certainly uncomfortable for the most part and a cause of stress for claustrophobes and the restless. The first rule of manner to apply when in your place is avoid disturbing your seat mate – especially if a stranger – and to keep to your armrests and footrests.

5 Simple Airplane Etiquette Rules for Passengers space

Everyone finds that passenger annoying; in airplanes, you get exactly what you paid for: one seat for yourself, so try not to trespass, and respect other people’s personal space.

2. Overhead

It’s either there are too many passengers or too much stuff airplanes have to deal with. The number of flyers naturally results in more storage, and sometimes handling your personal belongings can be tough. Watch out all the time for your luggage. Everyone is entitled to their share in the overhead bins so smartly stash away your baggage, and do it quickly and properly. Aside from making sure your carry-on isn’t too large for the overhead bin, you can ditch the latter altogether and keep your bag by your feet.

5 Simple Airplane Etiquette Rules for Passengers baggage

3. Keep quiet

Sometimes, all we need onboard to get that perfect flight experience is a little me-time, some peace and quiet. If you’re not interested in chatting with your seatmate, wear headphones and they’ll get the message. Be polite to everyone too, even if you choose to go mum. If your seatmate’s persistent, elegantly brush them off. Same goes with how you treat the cabin crew and special passengers.

5 Simple Airplane Etiquette Rules for Passengers conversation

4. Sleep well

You’ll probably sleep throughout most of your flight, so make sure you combine simple etiquette with the best position and comfort for yourself. If you’re in the middle seat, try not to snooze on your headrest so your seatmate can get up and use the lavatory, etc. If your neighbor’s in the middle of a nap, wake him up politely and gently to excuse yourself. Now’s a great time to whip up your neck pillow or headrest so you can relax without leaning your chair too far back;  check out rule number 1.

5 Simple Airplane Etiquette Rules for Passengers sleep

5. Clean up after yourself

Use the seat pockets in front of you carefully when leftover wrappers or other waste are concerned. Don’t leave trash lying around before you disembark. If you must use the lavatory, keep it clean. There’s nothing worse than a filthy airplane toilet seat. This isn’t just basic airplane etiquette but hygiene for you and other passengers as well.

5 Simple Airplane Etiquette Rules for Passengers waste disposal

These 5 airplane etiquette rules are easy to follow and can majorly save you on possible airplane problems. Your sense of respect for yourself and for others’ well-being and experience is tested even as far back as when you’re preparing for your trip. So, while you’re at it, handle the flight with manners so you land safely and in good condition.

5 Simple Airplane Etiquette Rules for Passengers traveller

What can you say about our airplane etiquette reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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