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Today we’re going to be looking at the largest Canadian online travel agency who claims to always deliver the cheapest possible tickets and emphasis high efforts on ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. The first thing that we’ll be reviewing is FlightHubs pricing by doing a few comparisons with their competitors to see if they do indeed offer the cheapest ticket prices. After that, we’ll have a look at what customers are saying about them online, from trust online review websites. All in all we’re looking at deciphering whether or not FlightHub stands up to the name that it claims to have.

FlightHub.com Review on Pricing

Price plays an important role when purchasing an airline ticket. And, because there are so many different vendors out there selling the exact same ticket for different amounts flyers can become overwhelmed when trying to find the best possible ticket price. Some may say that its best to book directly through the airline in order to find the best ticket prices and in many cases that may be true, but then, how does one sift through the massive sea of airlines selling their ticket? That’s where online travel agencies like Flighthub come in. They aggregate itinerary from a large list of airlines and then compile it into a list initially organized by who’s the cheapest at which point customers are able to apply filters in order to add specific request to their ticket such as departure and arrival times, air ports and preferred airlines.

In this Flighthub review we’re going to begin by comparing FlightHubs prices with the prices of other online travel agencies offering the same ticket. We’re going to take the cheapest price from each online travel agency and compare them against each other to see how FlightHub fares in the market.

First Price Comparison – YVR (Vancouver) to YUL (Montreal) Round-trip – July 1st to July 15th

Onetravel.com – $454.84

Expedia.com – $448.00

FlightHub.com – $444.37

In the first comparison we found that Flighthub was offering the cheapest price at $444.37, a little less that $4 from Expedia. While it’s not a huge price difference it is cheaper and since it’s the exact same ticket for $4 less it’s certainly the better deal. But, let’s have a look at another price comparison Flighthub review.


Second Price Comparison – YYC (Calgary) to YYZ (Toronto) Rountrip from July 1st to July 15th

Expedia.com -$408.00

Onetravel.com – $392.99

Flighthub.com $377.99

And again, on the second comparison FlightHub did have the cheapest fare available, by quite a large margin this time of nearly $30.00. And so without babbling on too much let’s just move on to the next and final comparison that we’ll be doing today in this FlightHub review.

Third Price Comparison – YQM (Moncton) to CAL (Calgary) Rountrip from July 1st to July 15th

Expedia.com $622.00

Onetravel.com – $614.57

Cheapoair.com – $608.57

FlightHub.com – $582.48

In the final comparison we decided to look at a total of 4 online travel agencies in which FlightHub was yet again the cheapest available flight by another considerable margin of almost $30 again.

Keep in mind that these comparisons are by no means dictate that FlightHub is cheaper than everyone as a rule, it just so happened that in the searches we performed they were. We always do encourage our readers to do their own comparisons when purchasing a flight. What we can surmise though, is that in all of the cases we’ve seen in this Flighthub review, Flighthub was the cheapest travel agency and so we’d suggest flyers to at least check them out before booking at ticket.


FlightHub Reviews Online

The next thing that we’re going to look at in this Flighthub review is what Flighthubs actual customers have been saying about them online, or rather we’re going to take a look at their general scores from trusted review platforms. We’ll be looking at the total scores and amount of reviews, as well as some customer testimonials from Feefo, TrustPilot, SiteJabber and Highya.

FlightHub Reviews on Feefo – 4.1/5 – 5,731 Reviews

I do my comparison shopping and always find the cheapest flights on Flighthub.

I checked every single website you could imagine for the cheapest flight I could find and flighthub provided that for me. even if it was just a couple dollars less than the competitors that’s enough to keep me coming back

FlightHub Reviews on TrustPilot – 4/5 Stars – 73,000 Reviews

The site was helpful and easy to understand. My purchase was done in a matter of minutes….Thanks!

Wow – easy and efficient! One click and all segments were bought vs being directed to other sites to purchase each segment.

have used them now two times for bookings between Kelowna and Comox one once between Kelowna and Vancouver.
The only complication I have had was with Flair Air. For some reason flights booked on Flair had a technical difficulty when trying to prepay for a checked bag. The agents at Flair were lovely and honoured the prepaid baggage check price.
Judith G.

FlightHub Reviews on Highya – 3.4/5 Stars – 217 Reviews

FlightHub made it easier to find my preferred flight, had enough options to narrow down my selection and find the right fit for my need. Price was pretty comparable and had a large selection of flights and destinations.

Malkit Singh


I was looking at other websites for flights. I came across FlightHub’s advertisement promising a more affordable flight. I went to their website and was very happy to see the exact same flight I was looking for, but at a more affordable price. Very happy with my purchase.

Melissa Bramlett

All in all the Flighthub reviews online are pretty good overall. There were obviously a few complaints but nothing ordinary for such a large online travel agency and in many cases a Flighthub CSR replied to the online complaint to resolve the issue, converting the unhappy customer into a happy one. Generally speaking though it seems as though FlightHub is keeping on top of their game of keeping customers happy.
Their prices are good and their customers are happy, there’s not much we can nitpick in this Flighthub review as those metrics are the most important when considering booking a website. FlightHub won’t leave you in the dust if you’re lost or stuck on something and your price should be very competitive with them.
Have you had an experience using Flighthub? Let us know down in the comments section below.
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