The online travel agency industry continues to grow. More people are traveling, increasing the demand for all kinds of travel-related businesses. Unsurprisingly, airlines and hotels have begun to offer affordable ticket and accommodation rates. According to these statistics, the worldwide digital travel sales is expected to make about 755.94 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2019.

This growth in sales and demand makes room for new online travel agencies to enter the market. However, is that really good? In this post, we will talk about JustFly. This US-based OTA is relatively new. Is JustFly legit? If you’re planning to book with the company—or if you’ve already booked with them—check out this article to help you evaluate JustFly’s competence and legitimacy.

JustFly-about the company

JustFly launched in February 2014 as a U.S.-based online travel agency. Initially, the company was made to solely offer budget airline tickets to anywhere in the world. After four years in business, they managed to expand their services. Now, JustFly offers not only airline tickets but hotel bookings, car rental services, and cruise trip tickets as well.

Their website states that JustFly wants to make travel a lot more affordable and accessible. A company that focuses on serving the public with the cheapest services is truly admirable, if you ask me.

The JustFly website

Their website is called The toned-down blue taskbar perfectly contrasts with the bright and vibrant images on the homepage. This simple design is meant to mirror the no-frills values of JustFly. Their homepage features a large booking form. Fill up all the required details such as your destination, travel dates, and number of passengers. On the upper part of that form are the words ‘flights,’ ‘hotels,’ ‘cars,’ and ‘cruises.’ Simply select which one of the four travel essentials you need and the form will automatically change.

If you like to check the policies of FlightHub, you may visit their Terms and Conditions page as well as their Privacy Policy page.

JustFly: what customers think

After being in business for just four years, FlightHub has already managed to serve thousands of travelers worldwide. A majority of their customers are from the USA and Canada, but their services are available internationally. Below are some of the newest JustFly customer reviews to give you an idea about JustFly’s service quality.

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly Review 1

Best site to get the best travel deals. I have used it several times already and have been very please with the results. I highly recommend this site if you want to save some money.

— Gustavo V.

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly Review 2

I’ve purchased using your app and have had very good success thank you. In today’s world my time is spent on so many different things it’s comforting to know I could just check the results and they’re accurate.

— David B.

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly Review 3

Extremely patient in making changes to schedules to accommodate my requests for alterations in dates. Very helpful and courteous offering advice to an inexperienced traveller. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly Review 4

Really helpful, with terrific suggestions for the trip. Called/emailed when they said they would. Clear and prompt communication. Kevin was great.

— Sharon Jones

Overall, the JustFly reviews above are showing promise. They have positive reviews about their low price and easy-to-use website. Some people did complain that cancellations can sometimes take a while to be processed but I think that’s pretty much a common denominator among other travel agencies, be them online or offline.

Is JustFly legit and should you buy from them?

Based on the information on their website and after looking at numerous customer reviews, JustFly pretty much a legitimate online travel agency. They have made partnerships with more than 400 airlines, thousands of hotels worldwide, cruise companies and they’ve started partnering up with car rental companies.

If you’re the type of traveler who likes getting the cheapest tickets and accommodations, then JustFly is for you. I have personally tested their prices with other online travel agencies like CheapOair and Expedia. So far, JustFly has the cheapest price for about 85-90% of the time. I also heard somewhere that if you tell them that you found a cheaper ticket elsewhere that they’d adjust the price for you, but I have yet to test this one out.

However, if you like to book your travels directly to the airline or other travel suppliers, this isn’t for you. Online travel agencies like JustFly aren’t recommended for those who like to accumulate travel miles from airlines.

Overall, JustFly is a good choice for everyone, especially amateur travelers. Would you book a flight with them? Let us know why or why not!

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