As a traveler, there are a lot of things you needed to consider before you can actually experience your much-awaited vacation. You will always have to plan and think about the travel dates, the schedules of your travel buddies, the place you’re going to visit, the airline tickets, accommodations, itinerary, and food on your travels.

Planning your travel takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you’re going abroad. It takes a lot of work to make a hassle-free trip that’s why many people opt to hire online travel agencies. But with tons of OTAs on the internet, which one should you trust? A reliable OTA should not only secure your bookings and flights, but should also be able to assist you in case something happens in your flights. This is what JustFly is offering to its customers since 2011 under the mother company Momentum Travel. JustFly offers a variety of services like bookings of airline tickets, hotel accommodation, car rentals, and even cruise trips. In under 10 minutes you can score the cheapest flights you desire from there 400+ partner airlines globally.

There are mixed customer feedback about JusFly services –some say the transaction is smooth, while others say the opposite. Here’s my JustFly customer service review. These are only some of my observations on their website which might be why this OTA gets a lot of satisfied clients.

They prioritize simplicity and convenience

JustFly’s website is user-friendly so you can easily check out the cheapest flights and book your desired flight also, there is a panel for hotel accommodation, car rentals and cruise trips as well. All you have to do is fill out the necessary details and you’re good to go. It saves time and effort for the clients because they can finish everything under 10 minutes.

JustFly Hotline

In choosing an online travel agency, every traveler should consider easy communication. Who would want to book flights with an OTA that customers can’t get a hold of. A great service provider should always be available to assist you especially, when something goes wrong with your flights. This might be the strength of JustFly. You can just email their chat support or directly call them to assist you whenever you needed help.

However, JustFly’s responsiveness on calls and issues garnered mixed reviews from clients. Some argued that it took too long for their customer service to help them out on their delayed flight. Some people also say that processing of rescheduled flights is too bureaucratic. On the other hand, many customers are satisfied with JustFly’s customer service. Do a test call yourself to make sure you have a firsthand experience of their customer service.

Flight Hacks

Most airlines prioritize direct booking ticket holders from OTAs. This might be because, more often than not, direct buyers pay more than the others. So, they are the priority. Meanwhile, when flights are rescheduled, travelers from OTAs may have to go at the back of the line.

If you’re travelling with your family it’s always to prepare everything –flight details, seating arrangement and departure time, before you go to the airport. Ask the help of the desk agents if you wish to be seated next to each other. You should be at the airport 72 hours before your flight. Install JustFly’s application so you’ll get updates about your bookings. Plus, expect email blasts every now and then of cheapest flights.

As a traveler, you have to know more about your OTA, and make sure it’s a reliable one just like JustFly so you will have a smooth trip.


Have you ever experienced booking through JustFly? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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