In today’s online travel agency review post, we will take a look at This OTA has a rapidly growing consumer base and has continuously popped up in various travel forums in the recent years. They claim to offer the most competitive ticket prices using a highly efficient platform. We’ll evaluate if the company is able to deliver this promise via a price comparison with other online travel agencies. Following that, we’ll have a look at what customers think of their prices, services, and overall website performance. By the end of this JustFly Reviews 2018 post, we hope to help you decide whether to use the website or not.

About JustFly

According to their About page, JustFly is an online travel agency associated with more than 440 airlines around the world. The company aims to provide a fast, easy, and competent way of searching and booking low-cost flights online. Their team is made of travel specialists and software developers that help create the website they use today.

JustFly also offers hotel bookings, car rental services, and budget cruise options.

Price comparison: roundtrip from LHR to LAX

Budget travelers like me often rely on OTAs and airline sites when searching for cheap tickets. In this section of our JustFly reviews 2018 post, we will compare the prices of JustFly against the other popular online travel agencies One Travel, Cheap-O-Air, and Expedia. I selected a roundtrip flight from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with a departure date of July 1st and a return date of July 15th, 2018.

CheapOair – $910.41


OneTravel – $910.41


Expedia – $899.00


JustFly – $892.51


I am quite surprised to see how JustFly managed to get the cheapest ticket against the larger OTAs who also claim to offer affordable flights. The affordable ticket prices are most likely the reason why JustFly’s increasing popularity.

JustFly customer reviews

There is a very tight competition between various online travel agencies. Each of them tries to come up with ways to provide the best service at the lowest price possible. In this section, we take a look at what JustFly’s customers have to say about the company’s overall service.

The JustFly Trustpilot overall rating has 5/5 stars, with 141,480 reviews at the moment. The reviews are surprisingly good as well, and although there were a few complaints, the company does reach out to the unsatisfied customers. Here are some of the reviews.




Below is a complaint from a customer who supposedly experienced an unexpected price change after completing the reservation process. I appreciate how JustFly replied and explained to the customer. I hope other travel agencies would value customer reviews enough to provide a response as well.


JustFly contact information

Our verdict

Taking into account the functionalities of JustFly’s website, their pricing, and their customer service, we decided to give JustFly a rating of 4/5 stars. As per my personal experience, I’ve yet to encounter any issues about the flight booking although a few people did say that they would occasionally experience their flight changing prices. Overall, the JustFly Reviews 2018 from verified customers were positive.

If you’re planning a flight to your dream destination, we suggest that you try this website.

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